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“World changing discoveries, renowned collaboration, ideas that create change”


Legendary, an appropriate description of Scotland’s ongoing contribution to the world. In the past it has been engineering feats such as the Forth Bridge to historic life science moments like the world’s first cloned mammal, Dolly. Scotland continues to lead the way creating ideas that have and will change the world. Discover here Scotland’s leading strengths in an array of different subjects. Over the next 24 months you will join a journey of discover through articles and videos from around the nation as to why Scotland is your next event destination. Every event wants to create ideas, these ideas lead to change and Scotland is the place where ideas become LEGEND.

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November - December 2017

Scotland has for centuries led the world in technological innovation, from John Logie Baird’s television, being a tech hub within Europe and home to global companies such as Skyscanner. Discover why Scotland should be your next event destination because in Scotland, ideas become legend.


January – February 2017

Scotland has a reputation as a global leader in education standards. It has produced a vast array of inventors, innovators, pioneers and leaders through its pursuit of academic excellence. Educate yourself as to why this is your next event destination. Scotland, where ideas become legend. 


March – April 2017

Scotland’s creativity is diverse, from art & design, crafts, fashion, music, performing arts, software, architecture, globally renowned festivals to a booming gaming industry. Discover Scotland’s creative side and why it should be your next event destination. Scotland, where ideas become legend.