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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Let Scotland Inspire

Pioneering innovation is in Scotland’s soul. From the reinvention of pneumatic tyres to the incredible feat that is Callum’s Road on the Isle of Raasay. Find out how our history and future thinking can inspire your automotive events. 


Calum’s Road


Looking for a real-life metaphor for perseverance and determination? Inspire delegates by bringing them to Scotland and sharing the story of Calum’s Road. Or perhaps arrange an incentive to the remote Isle of Raasay so delegates can experience it for themselves.# 


The Isle of Raasay lies between the Isle of Skye and the West Coast of mainland Scotland, and is home to around 170 people. Calum MacLeod (1911 – 1988) was a Local Assistant Keeper of Rona Lighthouse and the part-time postman for the north end of Raasay. But he is most famous for building a road…


After decades of failed campaigning by the inhabitants of the north end of Raasay for a road, and several failed grant applications, Calum decided to build the road himself. He bought a copy of Thomas Aitken's manual on Road Making & Maintenance and set to work replacing the worn and narrow footpath that wound through the island’s barren landscape. Over a period of about ten years (1964–1974), he constructed one and three quarter miles of road between Brochel Castle and Arnish, using little more than a shovel, a pick and a wheelbarrow. The road can still be visited today and is always an inspiring model of how a little determination can go a very long way! 


John Boyd Dunlop


While Calum’s Road is little-known, most people are familiar with Dunlop Tyres. But, did you know that they too were (re)invented by a Scotsman?


John Boyd Dunlop (5 February 1840 – 23 October 1921) developed the original model of pneumatic tyres into the model we use to this day. Dunlop was a Scottish inventor and veterinary surgeon, but while trying to improve his child’s tricycle, he reinvented the pneumatic tyre! He then developed the model further for use in cycle racing before selling the rights to for a small cash sum and a shareholding.


Dunlop studied at the University of Edinburgh – why not contact Edinburgh First for your next dealership conference, and see what other ideas it might set rolling? 


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