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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scottish tourism gets set for Active Scotland

As 2011 arrives we enter our Active Scotland year.  During this year, and beyond it, we will celebrate and promote the benefits of an Active Scotland for all the people of Scotland and its visitors. 


This is particularly important in the run up to 2014 as Scotland prepares to stage two of the world’s greatest sporting events in the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup.


Following the success of Homecoming Scotland 2009, the next Homecoming year will be in 2014.


The Scottish Government has dedicated the interim years to showcasing some of Scotland’s greatest assets.  These ‘Focus Years’ are each centred on domestic and international tourism and the development of the events industry in Scotland.

In 2010 we began with a year-long focus on celebrating and enhancing Scotland’s reputation as a land of food and drink. 

Following the year of 'Active Scotland', 2012 embraces our creativity and culture in ‘Creative Scotland.’


2013 is a ‘Natural Scotland’ year and will focus on Scotland’s natural heritage and reputation as a land of natural beauty and stunning landscapes. 



For further inspiration and ideas on a variety of active pursuits on offer in Scotland, visit our Activities page.