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Dundee - Things To Do

Extending your stay in Dundee, you'll find a huge range of options for things to do, including fascinating historic attractions, glorious parklands and wildlife tours. Here's our list of top 'don't miss' things to do when in Dundee - known for good reason as the 'City of Discovery'.

Climb the Dundee Law
The Dundee Law is an extinct volcano formed around 400 million years ago. The 572-foot peak is the city's most distinctive landmark and offers stunning views to the River Tay, Fife, Angus and Perthshire. It's also steeped in more recent history with an Iron Age Hill Fort, prehistoric graves and Roman pottery being uncovered on its slopes.

Be a Polar Explorer - visit Discovery Point and board the RRS Discovery
Find out the history of the good ship Discovery from her beginnings in Dundee to Captain Scott's remarkable Antarctic expedition. See what life was like onboard and how the design of the ship allowed her to survive the extreme polar conditions.

Sensation - Dundee's Science Centre
This is the only UK science centre based on the five senses. With over 80 hands-on interactive exhibits, you'll discover the wonders of science using touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. Visit the website of Dundee's Science Centre.

Camperdown Park
The largest public park in Dundee, it's named after the Battle of Camperdown where the Dutch fleet were defeated in 1797. Home to no fewer than 190 species of trees, it's perhaps the adventure playground, boating, putting or the Wildlife Centre that will really entertain you.

Take a trip to Dundee's Seaside suburb - Broughty Ferry
Known as "the jewel in Dundee's crown", its fine seafront esplanade and sweeping sands provide the perfect place for a relaxing stroll or a quiet picnic. Situated just four miles to the east of Dundee, it was once the home to the wealthy jute barons who built Dundee's textile fortunes. A beautiful place for a day out.

Go on a dolphin watch tour.
The Tay Maritime Action promotes the education and the training of members of the public in all aspects of maritime skills. But if you don't want to actually guide the boat, you can always join them on one of their dolphin watching tours.

Verdant Works
Witness the rise and fall of the jute industry in Dundee. Be transported 100 years back in time to see the impact jute had on the city and find out what jute actually is!

Frigate Unicorn

Built for the Royal Navy in Chatham dockyard in 1824, His Majesty's Frigate Unicorn is a unique survivor from the brief transitional period between the traditional wooden sailing ship and the revolutionary iron steamship.