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Dundee - Outside the City

Dundee is surround by stunning areas - the Angus Glens, the Cairngorms National Park, the famous Glamis Castle and much more are all nearby and waiting to be explored during your Dundee city break.

Visit Glamis Castle
Set in the rolling hills of Angus, the grandeur of Glamis Castle is unsurpassed. Reached via a mile-long avenue flanked by trees, the castle itself is all spires, turrets, towers and statues. Simply stunning and well worth a visit.

Beach Walk at Lunan Bay
A hidden gem, Lunan Bay is a beautiful beach with a castle ruin casting its watchful eye out to sea. Popular with surfers and horse riders, shore fishing still takes place here, with nets strung from poles on the beach to trap fish in the falling tide. Read more about Lunan Bay website.

The Angus Glens
The Angus Glens - five glens from west to east like the fingers of a hand - each one with its own special characteristics and each one well worth a visit.

Angus Pictish Trail and Pictavia
This visitor centre tells you all you need to know about the story of Scotland's ancient Pictish tribes, a warrior people who roamed Angus nearly two thousand years ago.