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A bright national identity with instant international appeal. A colourful past woven into the fabric of daily life. A leading player in ground-breaking fields. A convivial host known for the liveliest parties.

Want your next event to make a lasting impression?

Come and Meet Scotland.


UK & Ireland

The UK sits firmly as a key market for business events coming into Scotland. With dedicated Market Managers for the Midlands/North England and also London/South England, we have a large presence in this market by attending various trade shows and workshops as well as hosting our own events in the regions.



Over half of all international business events that take place in Scotland come from Europe.  We are therefore very active in this market, in particular in Germany, France & Spain. In addition to in-country representation, we attend various trade shows, workshops and host our own events.

New York

The Americas

The Americas represents the largest international market to Scotland, this coupled with the ever increasing direct access into the country makes the region a hugely good target for venues and DMC’s alike. Our team produce and deliver a number of platforms throughout the year to connect partners with clients, as well as providing PR opportunities.


Emerging Markets

Scotland has never been better connected to the wider world, and with an expanded network through Middle Eastern hubs, more and more businesses in key emerging markets are turning their focus to destinations in Northern Europe. Our current focus is on developing business from China, Middle East, India, Russia and the Asia Pacific region, through exhibitions, trade missions and fam trips.

Innovate The Nation

Scotland's Free Talk Series

INNOVATETHENATION is aimed at bringing together experts, influencers and the next generation of innovators through a series of free-ticketed events held in Scotland.



Association conferences not only deliver significant benefits to the local economy, but they also showcase the incredible work taking place within our universities and innovation centres. We have a large presence in this market, through attending trade shows and events. We provide support to Associations to choose Scotland and connect them with relevant agencies and partners.